For Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Freezer Applications 

The precision of RETA inner grooved copper tube provides superior heat transfer capability by increasing the inner contact surface.These seamless drawn tubes significantly increase the efficiency of heat exchangers.Typical applications include fin and tube evaporator and condenser coils for air conditioners,freezers,and refrigerators.

Tube Form

The tube is typically supplied in Level Wound Coils .It can be provided in straight lengths on request.

Alloys Available 

UNS C12200,DHP Copper 

Cleanliness and Appearance 

Tubes are clean and bright on the inside and outside surfaces,free from scale,open grain and mechanical metal defects.

Unique Feature 

High thermo conductivity.

Substantially Reduced Fouling.

High Response To Cleaning-in-place.

Viscous Fluids.

Shorter residence time,Low Product Hold-up.  

Size Available


For other sizes that are not listed in the table abvoe,please contact our sales department.


Outside Diameter                      ±0.002''Average

Bottom Wall Thickness             ±0.0017''AAP

Helix Angle                               +0,±3°

Weight                                      ±4%

Fin Height--height of the fin from the bottom wall surface to the tip of the fin

Bottom Wall--the thickness from bottom of the fin to the outer diameter of the tube 

Helix Angle--is the angle of the fins relative to the center axis of the tube