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Production Management System and Quality Control

We use ISO standard, zero defects & 5S management system

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1.1 Weekly and daily meeting

All of departments will have a meeting on Saturday morning 9a.m to review the problems that happened in the last week and arrange for the coming week. We will discuss and solve them. Every department should strictly execute the meeting decision.

1.2 ERP Management System

Based on the manufacturing process, it can achieve the recording and controlling of the technology loft, ingredients, optimize the cutting of raw materials, the whole process of production,dispatch of goods,logistics via scanning the the bar code and collecting data in the process flow card. We are able to trace the whole process of manufacture and calculate the output at anytime accurately, analysis the work efficiency, consumption of raw material,operation of the equipment and the storage for set of tower with the real time data. These can help us to make right decision in the procedure and greatly enhance our efficiency and enterprise management.


2. Quality Control

Quality is the life of our enterprise.The quality management is always the core in our company in the past more than 12years.We have passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. The quality management system covers raw material control,production process control ,special technology control and the records of the all processes.

2.1 Raw material control

We have the chemical & physical laboratory which are certified by state grid. There are more than 20sets of professional equipment for test and detection. Therefore, we can do the chemical elements and mechanical properties by ourselves.All of the raw materials cann’t be used until finished the yield strength test, tensile strength test,elongation test,cold bending test and five elements experiment analysis. 

2.2 Quality control during production procedure

While incoming QC guards inferior components from going into production lines,outgoing QC reassures that only qualified products leave our factory. 100% quality checking is carried out at our offline W-Inspection line to guarantee zero-defect items. Every Production process is equipped with full-time quality inspector. They have to inspect all of the parts’ dimension and accuracy according to national standard or international standard to ensure all of the parts are okay to go to next process. And the inspector should calculate the quantity of each bundle according to the packing list to make sure the quantity is right ,packing properly and the surface is smooth.

2.3  Special technology control

There are five technicians who are in charge of the Metling,Milling,Level winding & eddy detector,annealling,packing and galvanization in the workshops.All of the units have to be rechecked by them after the inspection by inspector who is from the quality department and then to the next process.

2.4  Quality control records and archiving

To make sure of the traceability of all the products, we keep the records of the purchase and inspection of raw material, the production process, inspection, the artificial files, manufacture cards, packing list and all of the other files. We will make inspection report according to the clients’ requirement. We achieved an excellent result-the qualified rate reached 99.99% by make checks at all levels and made our effort to be the leading role in our industry.

2.5 Quality plan and standards for check and accept

The QC makes the quality plan and executable files in advance, and sends them to the relevant operating procedures to ensure the goods’ quality.

2.6 Product inspection and testing  

Copper Tube products quality control – it’s tested according to the "ASTM B280/ASTM B68; JIS H3300;ASTM B 88;EN12735-1; ASTM B360;ASTM B75 "as client requested.  Package and mark –it contains the quality of the package, it’s not easy to be broken,records for the packing process, the quantity is the same as the packing list, shipping mark is the same as the requirement of clients, no rough loading.  

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